position paper of venezuela

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position paper of venezuela

Post  umut on Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:09 am

First of all, Venezuela thinks that Global Economic Crises is extremely important for world’s today and future. Furthermore in order to understand reasons of this economic crisis we need to make link between history and present day. Primarily we have to discuss about why this economic crises occurred and mostly who has been suffered from it. Responses of these questions are significant. According to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, imperialism has taken an important part of the process of crisis and innocent countries under the name of “developing” or “under-developed” or “third world countries” mostly suffer from it as always. Capitalism had exceeded the point named as “Wild Capitalism”. It has caused this crisis itself, and it still tries to solve it by exploiting underdeveloped countries more. At this point we do not accept to pay the bill which we do not have any effect on it. U.S and its imperialist advocators will not be able to make us to pay their bill again. We call for all countries who suffer from this economic crisis, regardless ideological differences, to defend our rights against imperialists who created this severe crisis. As Karl Marx said, capitalism will definitely reach its ultimate end. Now it is on the verge of this end. Unemployment rate is drastically increasing day by day. However capitalist countries still try to save their banks, money. They do not care about their people. They do not care about other people who suffer from famine, scarcity, poverty, lack of water from all around the world. But we care about them. We want to remind all of the countries that this planet we are living on is all of the people’s. We have to unite in order not to be confronted with the inequalities, injustices caused by economic crises of capitalism. That is the only way to overcome the crisis.

Other important topic related to human rights education is also highly concerned by Venezuela. Human rights education especially in post-conflict societies is vital for constructing peaceful environment. As it is stated in the Article 103, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela gives much attention to the importance of education. In our country the quality of education is increasing year by year. Our people know much more thing about their basic rights than past. They are questioning, trying to understand the reasons of actions. Most importantly they are moving away from their stance of unconditional obedience. This is the indispensible element of development according to Venezuela. We are ready for all kind of help to those people who have no chance to get sufficient education. We think that all developed countries have to support them. U.N also should have active role in the solution of this problem. It can generate efficient policies regarding human rights education and back up countries which make effort to develop their education services for people.
Venezuela wants to claim that, at some point these two different issues are related. In any case governments or institutions should never reduce their investment on education. Please keep in mind that we cannot overcome the economic crisis through the cut down our investment on education.


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