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Turkey - Position Paper

Post  oana.branda on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:53 pm

[justify]Turkey – Oana Brânda

Position Paper

The financial world crisis
In the light of the recent events on the world economic affairs, closing of banks, an increase in the rates of interest and the destabilization of all economic and monetary mechanisms, Turkey agrees that the world is facing one of the most serious economic crisis since the end of the Second World War. Economies all over the world are collapsing generating high rates of unemployment, the insecurity of daily wages and a whole range of political instability. That is why Turkey believes that immediate action must be taken against the crisis, both by highly and less affected countries.
Turkey supports the agreements signed by some countries with the International Monetary Fund as the first step in an attempt to calm down the existing turmoil on international monetary markets. Moreover, Turkey considers that additional efforts should be made in order to insure a high quality cooperation between all the economic institutions of a state, both private sector and national sector institutions – such a cooperation would engender a strong opposition of the states to the outside effects generated by the crisis, and would allow them to produce their own mechanisms and defenses in front of the economic threat, according to their previous particular economic development.
Taking into account the results agrees at the recent Davos Economic Forum, Turkey supports the creation of the so called ”bad banks” which would gather all the inefficient credits and the morgage-based financial instruments which only harm economy now. Thus, having gotten rid of these toxic elements out of their account balances, banks can acquire private capital and get back to their operations towards consumers without suffering nationalisation.

The education on Human Rights
The 20th century has been the time when Human Rights as a discipline developed and gathered a high importance in the international society. And this is no wonder, because humans are the very essence of the world’s existance. Turkey believes that this concept is of utmost importance, expecially in the present day communities, when human rights are often neglected and stepped over. The 1990’s are rich in warfare and cruel experiments towards mankind. This is the reason for which Turkey supports the belief that a good education on the issue of knowing, respecting and protecting human rights is the beginning in limiting these attrocities that people commit against other people.
It is Turkey’s view that the most appropriate institutions in creating a global culture on human rights are the UN, NATO, OSCE, EU and any other similar organisations that result in working together. Turkey considers that the best way to achieve this education, implement it and get a positive feedback is through supporting human rights learning, training activists and professionals in this field, the development of educational materials and programs and community-building through on-line technologies.
Turkey supports cooperation between individuals, governments, inter-governmental organisations and non-governmental organisations in drawing and implementing educational programmes on human rights, in order to promote attitudes, actions and understanting concerning the protection of human rights and to foster and bring peace to those whose basic human rights are sometimes neglected.


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