Getting to Ljubljana

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Getting to Ljubljana

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The airport of Ljubljana (Jože Pucnik) is located in Brnik situated 26km from the city. The connection between Brnik and other European airports is quite good. All the information you need, you’ll find by clicking on following links:

Ljubljana Brnik Airport

Airport Transfers

Airline Companies

Ljubljana Brnik Airport Timetables

In case you’re flight is at very early or late hours and there is no public transport to the city of Ljubljana, we will come to pick you up.

Keep in mind that flying directly to Ljubljana is not always the cheapest way, so we suggest you to check connections from your countries to airports of our neighbour-countries (such as Trieste, Venice, Graz, Zagreb, etc.). From there, train or bus is the best way of travelling to Ljubljana.


Ljubljana is well connected to other European cities by rail. Trains arrive and depart from the main railway station which is situated very close to the city centre. We will wait for you at the train station and take you to Vila Veselova where you’ll be staying for four nights.

Here are some useful links for you:

Ljubljana Railway Station

International Train Timetables

National Train Timetables


If you decide to travel to Ljubljana by bus, you will find all information you need here:

Ljubljana Bus Station

National and International Bus Timetables

The main bus station is located right next to the train station, so again we will pick you up there and accompany you to Vila Veselova.


If you are coming from these directions, take the highway:

from Trieste (Italy) – the E 61 or E 70
from Zagreb (Croatia) – the E 70
from Budapest (Hungary) – the E 57 or E 71
from Klagenfurt (Austria) – the E 652 or E 61
from Graz (Austria) – the E 57 or E 59
Once you are in Ljubljana, look for signs for the centre, and try to park somewhere (which is not so easy sometimes and almost everywhere payable). We will meet you there and take you to Vila Veselova. Unfortunately we cannot promise you a parking space close to your accommodation.


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