We the people must not let the crisis to harm the people

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We the people must not let the crisis to harm the people

Post  Spain on Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:29 pm

With the fall of the economical markets we can not let that the same will happen with the institution of the United Nations. Every country should put special effort into the solving of the global crisis which not only threatens with the great rise of unemployment but also threatens with the rise of protectionism. This alone will not contribute to the solving of the problem but will only disolve what we have built together since the Great Depression in 1930s. We togehther created the global economy and all of us benefited from it. We have seen democracy and economy going hand in hand with eachother and the United Nations becoming one of the stepping stones for the international society of our days. It is so of great importance that the role of UN does not get lost in the rivers of words concernig the financial crisis, but that its role is strenghtend by it. If we the Nations once in the past already agreed to fight against the cruelty and hostility inflicted by the events of history, we can not avoid to take responsibility again for our actions and to use the crisis as an oportunity to test what we once signed. The United Nations must so not only represent group of counutries brought together by the same goal, but the role of the UN is to once again to reassure the confidence in the basic principles of us as the countries. There are perils facing us down the road in this critical times that will test each country specifically but this perils must not ruin the foundations on which we have developed todays world. We can not and must not once again step back but must take action so that our values and our people will be protected. We have once set the goals and principles that were in compliance with all of us, and we must now follow them in accordance. We all fight for the well being of economy but we must not let that our conutries economical gains outrun our moral values or our peoples needs. When talking of human rights and economical rights the task of drawing the line between where one begin and others end is far from being easy. They both are intertwined and so create our people thoughts which we the countries must listen. We must not go deaf and we must focus our attention to all spectors of people needs. The education on human rights and their importance must not come to a halt beacuse of the halt in economy.The unrest on global market can quickly become materialised in our peoples actions which can harm the international society and the union of us nations.
The action of the UN and the stress put on the importance of human rights and its education is so greeted by Spain and we will put all of our effort to not let the words on paper that once was signed to lose their voice.


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