Position paper - Zimbabwe

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Position paper - Zimbabwe

Post  nella.palkovska on Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:35 am

Delegation from Zimbabwe
Represented by Nella PalkovskŠ

Position Paper for the General Assembly
Human rights education and world economic crisis


Zimbabwe welcomes the discussion about Human Rights Education. Zimbabwe is aware of the fact that it is a long distance run. Zimbabwe is involved in Development program which supports the strengthening of the promotion and protection of Human Rights and Rule of Law through enhanced capacity of institutions in the Ministry of Justice, the Judiciary including traditional courts and other stakeholder. Zimbabwe is convinced that the most efforts must be focused on primary schools, because Human rights should be deeprooted in children minds. The delegation notes with regret the fact that it is hard to change people (for example soldiers, who have guns in their hands from their babyhood, elder people with conservative thinking or state employees). Zimbabwe should concentrate on the new generation. First of all, Zimbabwe has to face the problem of general education. All pupils are provided with and opportunity to attend school without payment and therefore Zimbabwe can indoctrinate human rights to the whole new generation. The crisis of Zimbabwe's education sector is deepening by the day as the country's schools remain closed due to the unremitting teachers strike. Teachers refuse to go to work unless they are paid in foreign currency, because ever-increasing inflation rates made their salaries negligible. The ongoing strike is starting to hamper children's rights to education. Thus the obvious solution would be to ensure that education is for free for everyone, that the financial resources are being invested into the establishment of new schools and that obligatory school attendance is being adhered to.


"We wish to appeal to all those countries which wish us to succeed to support our national endeavor. Friends of Zimbabwe, please come to our aid, I appeal for the removal of your sanctions, which are inhuman, cruel and unwarranted,Ē said Mr. Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, 20.3.2009, when he asked for $5 billion in international aid to revive Zimbabwe's shattered economy.
Zimbabwe suffers from the economic crisis for more than twenty years and the new hyper inflation made the grade of 89.7 Sextillion Percent. The UN have to avert endangering or even destruction of projects such as Millennium Development Goals (MDG was established at the world summits of the 1990s, responds to the worldís main development challenges and to the calls of civil society, MDGs promote poverty reduction, education, material, health, gender equality, and aim at combating child mortality, AIDS and other dieses.) The main aim is to avoid the protectionisms (a situation when countries take economic actions that are helpful for them, but do not take in consideration the global effect of those precautions) in rich countries, because underdeveloped countries will suffer the most. There is considerable danger that the world can get back to the times before international business.[/b]


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