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Position Papers - Germany

Post  Matjaž Prosnik on Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:25 pm

Financial Crisis

As the financial crisis progresses, dire suspicions about the future emerge. This is especially worrisome in the light of the events following the Black Friday in 1929. Unemployment, despair, nationalism, protectionism and radicalism led to World War Two. President Köhler warned at his recent Berlin Speech: The recent crisis is a test for democracy!
Events of the past must prevent us from repeating the mistakes at all costs. The world needs strong messages, which will help restore order in the world’s financial markets. It is a time of opportunity to “tame the rank growth on the financial markets” as Vice Chancellor Steinmeier said at the end of the EU summit on march 20th. Germany is greeting the final outcome of this summit.
Germany is in support of a renewal of the world’s financial system on the basis of strong regulation and competent oversight. More rules, more oversight, more accountability. No more unregulated financial spaces, finance institutions and financial products, which could endanger the stability of the system in the future. Responsibility, solidarity as well as restrain must become key words in the building of a new financial system. Where taxpayer’s money went to help businesses recover, it is ought to be represented.
Existing international institutions must be strengthened and given more funding in order to be able to service the financial needs of countries.
Steps must be taken into further promoting free and fair trade as means to help economies recover and countries to develop.
Germany is struggling to stay committed to the Millennium Development Goals , the Monterey Consensus as well as the goals set forth in the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Sustainable development must remain imperative.
The crisis is global and must therefore be overcome globally. Germany is looking forward to work on a viable and sustainable solution for the future with its international partners.
Human rights education

Germany is substantially engaged in the United Nations and is cooperating with it on virtually every field - one of them being human rights issues. They are of utmost importance to the country and are deeply anchored in the minds of the German people as well as the German Constitution (Articles 1-20 as well as in Article 79(3), which renders them as unchangeable). As of recently, it is party to all major human rights conventions and their supplementary protocols, for it has ratified the supplementary protocol of the Convention Against Torture (CAT-OPT, 4.12.2008) and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (DISSABILITY, DISSABILITY-OPT, 24.2.2009). Germany is committed to the implementation and protection of political, civic, economic, social and cultural rights and is striving to achieve a consensual concept of the right to development since material foundations are vital for fostering human rights in general.
The goals of the Culture of Peace Resolution (A/RES/53/243) are in full compliance with German foreign policy and it is proud to be home of nearly 200 UNESCO Associated Schools. Great importance was also put into the deliberation of the Durban Declaration and Program of Action. Germany felt bound to comply and reacted with a National Action Plan Against Racism in October 2008.
Conflict prevention is paramount. In the unfortunate occasion of conflict the international community has to act regionally and globally, but under the auspices of the UN. Germany has proven on many occasions that it is willing to take its share of responsibility and help these countries to recover (as for instance the help in the Caucasus, Kosovo, and Afghanistan).
The respect for human right is paramount to world peace. The struggle must not lose its impetus - to put it in President Köhler’s words – Human rights ought to be explained, justified and defended time and again.

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