Position paper of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Position paper of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Post  Shirin on Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:01 pm

Delegation from the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Represented by Shirin Makhkamova

Position Paper for the General Assembly
Human rights education and world economic crisis

For a long time Nigeria has been suffering from diverse economic, political, social and many other internal issues that have been strongly affecting development of the country and region as a whole. However, Nigeria is one of the most promising countries in the world and is listed in the Next Eleven countries identified as having a high potential of becoming the world's largest economies in the 21st century. The government is taking measures to heal current and prevent possible future problems with several reform programs. The financial crisis has affected all the economies in the world and unfortunately Nigeria is not an exception. We are deeply concerned with the human rights and human rights education in the state as well because of the tense situation in this field, especially in the Delta Niger region.

Financial crisis
In the meantime Nigeria is realizing several development programs and strategies as the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) and the State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (SEEDS) in cooperation with United Nation’s Development Program. These two development strategies have been supporting the country for three years and the results show that the job was efficient. During this time Nigeria achieved growth in GDP that has nearly doubled in 2007 in comparison with 2005 and completely pay off its debt to Paris Club. We believe that this is only few steps on the successful development path the country is going to take.
However we understand that the global financial crisis is changing the situation. At this point, the programs that were invented and adopted before the crisis could happen to become inefficient. Nigeria is now taking actions in changing the Niger Delta Local Development Program. Niger Delta plays a very important role in the oil-industry on the global market. Because of the conflicts and rebellions we have to assume that we are not able to produce 100% of the possible productivity. We understand that an efficient oil production would positively affect the world economy and especially the high oil prices issues but still we have to support environment and our people. The government is searching for solutions of these issues and believes that together with UN we can find a balance.
Therefore Nigeria supports the strategies and ideas that were represented by the ILO on the Extraordinary Interactive Thematic Dialogue on The World Financial and Economic Crisis and its impact on Development. We believe that the global community has to react fast in this emergency case.

Human rights education
Human rights education is highly important and problematic sphere in the state. However, we are doing our best to increase human rights education in the country. Since 42.3% of our population is children we are mainly contributing in the education of this part of population.
Our country strongly supports the Programme of Action and is ready to adopt new projects for increasing the human rights education on all levels. We believe that educating people on all levels is the crucial point of this program. The constitution of Nigeria includes fundamental human rights that are strictly followed and respected by the state.
We are deeply concerned with the human rights side of the tense situation in Niger Delta. It is obvious that we need to stop the rebellions and abuse of law and search for a decision that would help it. It is impossible to talk about human rights until people know what it is and how to use it. Rebelling against the authorities and performing violation of law people of Niger delta are violating human rights of all other people in the country. Nigeria needs peace to establish a strong understanding of human rights by its people.
Therefore we are open for discussion and would like to emphasize that Human rights and Financial crisis are closely connected.

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