Position paper of Egypt

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Position paper of Egypt

Post  nicoletaonica on Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:48 pm

Delegation of Egypt,
represented by Nicoleta Onica

Position paper on Human Rights Education and Financial Crisis

Human rights education

On occasion of the third Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Hosni Mubarak, The president of the country urged towards advancement of principles, values ,defense of human rights and the development of culture and education on this matter, as the battle for it has not reached an end, but the world still needs to make utmost efforts to promote human rights.
Due to this, Egypt considers the reforms to be initiated by the UN institutions as feasible with the specification that these need to be shaped on the particular necessities and cultural background of the states. In addition to this, human rights education requires different presentations ,based on the pillars that define each country in terms of morals, skills and religion.
According to the conclusion reached by the representants of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies in Egypt ,”In order to implement an effective Human Rights Education strategy and standards into reality, three major aspects should be present in a human rights educational program: values, knowledge and skills.” The late years, Egypt has reformed the perception on human rights and this had a great impact especially on the educational system where the government recognizes the tensions between the Islam and the western generated science and attempts to develop educational goals facilitating both.
However, actions therein are still considered weak, as there is a shortage of general knowledge in this field and the system meets different obstacles concerning problems related to the category of women`s and denominational rights. Moreover, Egypt has gained awareness of the fact that restrictive security measures do not contribute positively to informing the population on the human rights issue. In order to support the development of this type of education, Egypt encourages the implementation of a new strategy of showing human rights to advantage through effective teaching plans, special activities and with the involvement of specialized non-governmental organizations.
Egypt renews its position that human rights have to be adapted to each country`s culture, taking into consideration the aspect of the religious and dogmatic type of behavior encountered in the Islamic countries.

Financial Crisis

Egypt recognizes the important part that UN, as a political body, holds for maintaining nations together in solving the new challenge that the entire world is due to encounter on a lower or higher scale.Egypt, as well as the other countries undergoes the recession and believes that only by the cooperation and support rooted in the multilateral relations among the UN member states can adequate actions be instituted.
Egypt stands now on a favoured position, due to the fact that only the stock exchange and the petrol commerce sectors have been seriously damaged. However, the anticipation backed on research, that the financial crisis would result in an economic one demands immediate measures.
As a consequence, Egypt focuses on the fact that the banking system is not involved in the sub-prime mortage market or other types of mortage outside Egypt and plans firmly the preservation of the GDP level on the same growing level, despite the crisis announces a slowdown in growth. Moreover, Egypt acknowledges that its status as a developing economy has an important role in the process of resolving the financial downturn, as global growth can only be driven in coming years by emerging markets such as China, India, Indonesia and Egypt.
Therefore Egypt regards the crisis as an opportunity of cooperation and active support among the UN members with the goal of influencing the resolution of the present problem. As it was mentioned in the declaration released after the American Chamber of Commerce Council 2008 in Egypt, “This is about being pragmatic, wise, smart and doing the things that have to be done to ensure the future of our people”.


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