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Ljubljana Info

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City of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and has nearly 300.000 inhabitants. Its origins go back to the 1st century BC when it was known as Emona. Since then Ljubljana has had a vivacious history which was influenced from both the Central European and Mediterranean culture. However, despite its long history, Ljubljana is a city of young people. Its total of 50.000 students gives this small capital a young and vivid pace with the impression that the city never sleeps. Although it is characterized as a medium-sized European city, it still manages to preserve that small-town friendliness where you get the feeling that everyone knows each other. Ljubljana is a centre of Slovenian population as well as of its economic and cultural development. Despite of industrial activity it is a very green city with a lot of parks and forests, that make the view from the old Castle of Ljubljana even more beautiful. As being almost in the centre of Slovenia, it represents a perfect departure point for trips to other Slovenian sights and beauties.

It is Ljubljana’s position, uniqueness and friendly energy that charm many visitors to return or even stay in our little capital.

If you want a short presentation of Ljubljana in video version click on:

If you want better orientation or have trouble finding certain locations, click on this link and explore the map of Ljubljana


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