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Slovenia Info

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Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe, surrounded with Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. Slovenian territory is populated since our Slavic ancestors arrived to this land, though the name Slovenia is mentioned for the first time in year 1834.

The Republic of Slovenia is a young country it became independent in 1991. Despite this short state-history, Slovenia has already achieved a lot since 1992 it is a member of UNO, since May 2004 it is a member of European Union and NATO and since January 2007 the state currency is Euro.

Slovenia - it is where the Alps, Pannonia plains and the Karst meet Mediterranean coast. The beauty of Slovenian landscape cannot be described by words, so take a look at the following links that will convince you it is a country worth visiting.

If you want a short presentation of Slovenia in video version, click on:

If you still need some photos that would convince you to visit our country, click on


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